That Guy Skimpy catching bass with HBS Jerk Stick plastic worms
6 lb. Spotted Bass pulled January/2016 off the HBS JERK STICK.

I have caught a toad on one of your black and blue jigs
This pig was stuck off the HBS SHOWDOWN FOOTBALL JIG on the CA Delta, March/2016. Congratulations!
Fishermen catching bass with Hunted Bass Silos lures
Young man catching bass with Hunted Bass Silos lure
Lakewood Master Bassers
Caught bass lying in the boat next to a fishing pole
Big smallies being caught by HBS JERK STICK plastic worms
Lakewood Master Basses fisherman holding Hunted Bass Silos lure
Sponsored Hunted Bass Silos team photos

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Small girl holding a bass caught with a Hunted Bass Silos lure
Man holding four bass caught with Hunted Bass Silos jigs