BOOM! End of April 2017 pulling monsters from the depths of Spring, Pre-Spawn Big Girls are roaming the underwater structures looking to wreck HBS Beer Craws and HBS Sealteam Swimjigs.

Caught bass lying in the boat next to a fishing pole

Several bass caught using HBS JIGS, April/2016. Great job!

Lakewood Master Bassers

Pulling 4 lb. big girls with HBS Centurian Spinnerbaits and HBS Billy Lizards in mid June/2016.

Hunted Bass Silos at Clear Lake, CA! Pulling bass with HBS Jigs! A whole lot of fun! May 2016

Meet the newly sponsored Team HBS. Their qualifications of placing 5th at Berryessa on March 12, 2016 has earned them a spot with Team Hunted Bass Silos. Congratulations you two!

Jordan Haley pulling nice bass at Lake Oroville using HBS Centurian Spinnerbaits, HBS Sealteam Swimjigs, and HBS Bunker Flippin Jigs! May/2016

@bassmobanglers getting real with HBS Jerk Stick Pro 6" plastic worms to pull bass! Those are some tasty worms, candy for bass. Get yours today!

POW! @adamluna9 pullin tanks with HBS SEALTEAM SWIMJIGS and HBS SHADCRUZERS no doubt he's staying in the line of fire not running from the powerful blows of these beasties! September/2016

"Make em say Ahhhhhhh, nanna nanna!" As what @t.sansom likes to do as he pulls bass using HBS Jigs at every bass inhabited freshwater hole he finds!

Huge cat caught at Clear Lake, CA! May 2016 BBT This guy deserves a Like! 20+ cat.

Big smallies being caught by HBS JERK STICK plastic worms, April/2016

Young man catching bass with Hunted Bass Silos lure

Nice bass caught by Jennifer using HBS Jerk Sticks! Nice catch Jen! April/2016

Looks the the giveaway winner, @trentvolentine17, is happy with his FREE HBS package!! 

Great looking bass caught by HBS Sealteam Swimjig trailed with HBS Shadcruzer! End of July/2016

HBS Jerk Stick plastic worms pulling bass in tournaments!

South Bay PondScum Anglers logo

Open wide!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What a PIG!!! Oink Oink!!! Pulling these boars with HBS Bunker Flippin Jigs! Hunted Bass Silos, we're here to catch you Bass, all throughout America! August/2016

Hunted Bass Silos fishing report:

4 bagger caught using HBS CENTURIAN SPINNERBAITS and HBS JIGS on the CA Delta, April12/2016.

Pulling bass with HBS Jigs, hunting for the big one. Hunters are a different breed of people with a very exceptional skill set.  This was one day, imagine what a lifetime of hunting can achieve.  The thrill of hunting is just as fun as the Catch. 


This pig was stuck off the HBS SHOWDOWN FOOTBALL JIG on the CA Delta, March/2016. Congratulations!

This pig was stuck off the HBS SHOWDOWN FOOTBALL JIG on the CA Delta, March/2016. Congratulations!

Join @adamluna9 on Instagram as he pulls beasty bass out of fresh waters using HBS Jigs and HBS Shadcruzers!

HBS set some time aside for some bass huntin, and what a time it was. Pulled a couple of 2 lb. dingers and one big girl! 7 lber! Pulled all bass off of an HBS Showdown Football Jig trailed with an HBS Sutter Bug Creature. South Bay, CA, June 2016.

@ddistaz at it again! Put your hands together for the The hog catcher, the big bass slayer! No dreams here, cause we make dreams reality at Hunted Bass Silos! Pullin bass all day with HBS Jigs, found only at! Where it's more than just fishing, it's the hunt!

I have caught a toad on one of your black and blue jigs

Big Girl caught, 7.2 lbs, end of March 2017

Lakewood Master Basses fisherman holding Hunted Bass Silos lure

@jordanhaley07 with a freaken pig at Clear Lake, CA, BBT using the HBS Bunker Flippin Jig! Don't we all wish we were there! Pullin em for everybody! A lot of us are too caught up with everyday responsibilities!
Go team HBS! Just have fun out there!

Fishermen catching bass with Hunted Bass Silos lures

@ddistaz stopping the show and the big Toads with HBS Toad Stoppa Frogs! Man o man what a feeling when you get that topwater POP! Get it all day with HUNTED BASS SILOS Toad Stoppa Frogs! What a freaken PIG!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

"Yee boi!" as the fellow partner in huntin for big pigs to @t.sansom, the hog ripper, pulled this Stud out of Sammamish using HBS Jigs! Hunted Bass Silos, the Go-To bait, we never stop huntin for those Devils found in fresh waters across the nation! It's more than just fishing, it's the hunt! Early August/2016

Beautiful bass pulled using the Blue Bug patterned HBS Showdown Football Jig trailed with the HBS Beer Craw. End of June/2016

Another beauty caught by the HBS SEALTEAM SWIMJIG and HBS SHADCRUZER SWIMBAIT! These bass can't resist this setup! They completely hammer this bait! End July/2016

Looks like a late spawner caught off the HBS Centurian Spinnerbait! July/2016

Beautiful bass caught off HBS Centurian Spinnerbaits! Incredible scenery! Hunting for bass is nearly as fun as catching them! It's more than just fishing, it's the Hunt!

Another HBS Giveaway!! Follow huntedbasssilos on Instagram and participate in our free giveaways!

Toad caught early April 2017

Whoaaaaa piggy, "gotta pretty mouth" opening wide for @adamluna9 and his HBS SWIMJIG and SHADCRUZER, because it's Hunted Bass Silos.

Big Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Hunted Bass Silos slammed her mid April 2017. Video coming for Easter! Happy Easter!

Man holding four bass caught with Hunted Bass Silos jigs
Big smallies being caught by HBS JERK STICK plastic worms

This is That Guy Skimpy productions. TGS pullin bass with HBS Jerk Stick plastic worms. Follow him on You Tube. Pull em Skimpy! April/2016

Switchin it up with smallies using HBS lures! Nice chunk! September/2016

@ddistas pulling smallies with HBS Bunker Flippin Jigs and HBS Swagger Craws! Cause he's got that something called Swag!

Fall bassin with HBS Bunker Flippin jigs pays off Big Time! Big bass can't resist HBS jigs!

Small girl holding a bass caught with a Hunted Bass Silos lure

Pulling smallmouth bass with eyes wide shut. Now that's a Toad. So we've just discovered you can pull bass with HBS lures with your eyes closed. Oh Yeah! End September/2016

6 lb. Spotted Bass pulled January/2016 off the HBS JERK STICK.

Pulling hogs with Hunted Bass Silos lures! What a Toad! End August/2016

Nice bass caught at the BBT Lake Oroville, CA, off the HBS Centurian Spinnerbaits, April/2016. This is a toad in those waters.

@t.sansom still pulling bass with them HBS Jigs and craws nonstop all day with the willingness to suffer some very sore arms and hands come next morning from those exciting fights with those green machines, toads, pigs, hogs, the whole enchilada, this that and the other, the BASS! mid September/2016

Pulled him! Nice bass pulled with HBS Jerk Sticks, WA, Lakewood Master Bassers! April/2016

Sponsored Hunted Bass Silos team photos

Nice bass pulled using HBS JERK STICKS by an up-and-coming pro.

Hunted Bass Silos was a proud sponsor of the Lakewood Master Bassers and donated HBS products to other fishing organizations. If you didn't know about LMB, it is based out of Lakewood, WA. It's an organized bass fishing club that competes in bass fishing tournaments several times a year. Visit their website at

HBS Jerk Stick plastic worms pulling FAT smallmouth bass!

That Guy Skimpy catching bass with HBS Jerk Stick plastic worms

In April/2016 Hunted Bass Silos donated a Sea Eagle Fold Cat Pontoon Boat to a passionate customer. May he continue his passion for bass fishing and the Hunt for the Big One.

Congratulations on winning the HBS free giveaway! More to come on Instagram! Follow huntedbasssilos!

Another day in the life of tournament bass anglers relying on HBS Centurian Spinnerbaits. April/2016

Up close and personal with an HBS Toad Stoppa Frog and a Toad who just plain got Stopped!!! Hunted Bass Silos and Topwater POPS!! Tooooooaaaaad Stoppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

@eddie_planck pulling bass off HBS Daddywobber Squarebill Crankbaits!