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So what does all that mean, you say???

The Pre-Spawn should be coming to an end. Bass should have their beds nearly completed. The Big girls should be ready to lay their eggs, if they haven't already. We are entering the Spawn. During this period, bass will not eat. Rather they will be busy protecting their eggs from suspected predators.

You may be wondering if bass can be caught during the Spawn. The answer is "Yes", but the technique isn't the same as fishing for hungry bass. Instead, the proper technique used in catching these bass involves harassing their beds, which are the prime locations for their eggs. Try manipulating the lure to make it seem like its eating the eggs on the bed. A bass won't let this happen if it's in defensive mode, and will likely attack the bait, try to kill it, and move it off the bed. Keep in mind that beds are found on hard bottoms in water as shallow as 1 ft. deep.

This technique takes practice, but we have the lures of choice for a successful hunt.

Try throwing HBS Jerk Sticks, HBS jigs, HBS Centurian spinnerbaits, HBS Beer Craw, HBS Swagger Craw, HBS Sutter Craw, HBS Billy Lizards, HBS Hog Smasher Creature Bait, HBS Boogiewoo Tubes, and HBS Sutter Bugs.


Try throwing big swimbaits, HBS Jerk Stick Pros, HBS jigs, HBS Centurian spinnerbaits, HBS Daddywobber Squarebills,HBS Jerkyboy Minnows, HBS Beer Craw, HBS Swagger Craw, HBS Hog Smasher Creature Bait.