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Hunted Bass Silos is a nationally recognized and registered trademark!

So what kind of a name is Hunted Bass Silos?

Bass fishing has been a well-established sport since the beginning of the 20th century. It's one of the most enjoyable sports on the planet. Put simply, it's just plain fun. Tie a lure, cast your line, jerk it, retrieve it, feel a bite and set the hook. This is bass fishing. However, when you're trying to land that #5 fish, or better yet, trying to find that lunker bass out in places you've never been before, bass fishing becomes more than just about the fishing, it becomes about the Hunt! Thus, we have Hunted Bass. With that being said, the general definition of the word "silo" is a large structure used to store bulk materials (often used on farms to store grain). Combine terms and we have Hunted Bass Silos. Our silos contain fishing tackle, hunting supplies, and camping essentials. Hunted Bass Silos prepares you for a successful bass hunt! 

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